Saturday, April 9, 2011

First Post.

Hello there!

This blog is going to be seperate from my other blog, which is focused at health & psychology ( This blog will be my personal blog, which will be a mix-match of a journal, a collage and a place to post interesting things I've found.

If you were a follower of my previous blog, you would have noticed that I also used it for posting things about my apartment and what not, which might deter some people away from the important aspects.


Here it is.

A little part inside me is sad that the old "leather-bound, personal, swirly writing" journal has been and gone. It was a thing of true beauty. But that small part is overwhelmed by the elation I get when I know that people all over the world are connecting and sharing their experiences.

Feels good. Thanks for dropping by.

- Oscar


  1. Personal posts make the best posts, in my opinion.
    Looking forward to seeing how your blog develops. :)

  2. Nice read mate. Turn off captcha btw :)

  3. Wow you would make a good friend of mine.